Life in Pakistan

Getting killed in Pakistan is a blessing..., living is a curse!

A plane crashed in suburbs the capital Islamabad. In the North an avalanche results in heavy losses of Pakistan Army, an institution people of Pakistan are feeding to keep the Indian monster away. Also in the North there is a sharp rise in sectarian killings. A group of people is killing others for not following their brand of Islam.

Predicament of the people of Pakistan is not much difficult to understand. If you follow the religion strictly (their is only one religion Islam), you are killed by the American drones, if you do not follow the religion, you may be killed by (the US indirectly) the devout zealots whom the US has long fed for Jihad against the erst-while Soviet Union - after all they need a cause to keep their businesses intact. If you meet people of Pakistan  who are not Muslim (i mean Christians and Hindus living in Pakistan) by fate (not to be mixed by faith), you may be killed by some ....Qadri (remember Salman Taseer)! Why not get killed by the US drones? Getting butchered by Taliban and Qadris is not a welcome option, even those muslim who do not agree with the extreme ideologies were not inspired to participate in the last rites of the Late Governor of Punjab. If you are killed by the US drones at least your faith is saved, you are shaheed(a martyr)!  

Thank you United States of America, you predators (aka drones) are saving our faith, at least we die with a revived faith.

 Pakistan is a dangerous place to live in. It is not appropriate to go for the count of the deceased everyday – an effort in the futile. No need to maintain a log of the drone attacks – you may be called a despondent (in the words of former military dictator Pervez Musharraf). However, this scribe makes an attempt to let the World know how it read like a daily log of events.

In the West (Bannu) Taliban attack and break a jail to get their comrades free. Pakistan’s civil security apparatus with its meager resources watches helplessly.  

Also in the west (Waziristan) drone attacks kill scores of people everyday. All those who are killed are miscreants. Pakistani media is complicit in reporting the so-called collateral damages. No TV channel dare enter the area for the fear of US wrath. Dollars are necessary for keeping our media persons on air.

In the West ethnicity is nurturing thanks to the policies of Pervez Musharraf who was supported by the US for almost a decade. Baluch insurgents cannot forget the merciless killing of their brothers by the security forces.

In the South target killing of political workers is a routine. Centuries of social injustices are culminating as the youth now want a space and an end to Sardars and Waderas (Tribal Chiefs) who had long served their friends in the military and of course Saudi rulers in satiating their appetite for meat on hoof (dear hunting).

This leaves Punjab, the elder province where the businesses are thriving. Where, handpicked politicians of General Zia ul Haq (a former military dictator – his regime enjoyed full US support) still rule the province. Only months back the provincial government easily managed to cover up the grisly acts by business community of supplying substandard drugs in the market killing hundreds of Cardiac patients. 

Hopes are still alive!

A plane crashed in Islamabad less than two years back, the inquiry is still to see the light. Ministry of Defence hushed it up effectively. This time around people are not at all interested in the inquiry – they are not the fools! There are even bigger crimes being committed in the county and there are even serious problems, getting killed is a blessing, living is a curse for the people of Pakistan.

A section of media fueled by the powers that be have now started questioning if democracy is still a valid form of government in the country? Perhaps not! The US never wants it. All the dictators have served this country with unusual US backing. Media has fully supported all the dictators.

People are at loss, not knowing that democracy is still the answer. Analysts who ask for the fruits of democracy, had never asked such questions from any dictators – how could they? They were party to dictators and they are still waiting for democracy to fail so they can play for another decade or so. They know the Western world and the Americans are bound to support dictators.  Hopes are still alive in Pakistan!

- Sheikh Muhammad Aamir (this article is incomplete - some parts have been held for the fear of life and some to save the faith)

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